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Mentally resilient

You can support your brain and maintain clarity to help you find the positive potential during stressful global events.

Marbles is a plant-based supportive supplement to keep your brain healthy and resilient in times of uncertainty and rapid change in global events.

Mental uncertainty

The world is changing fast and often in dramatic and unpredictable ways. Whether it’s natural disasters that are happening with more regularity in this era of climate change, global political instability, or other widespread far-reaching issues that come out of left field, we are learning that the world as we know it can change almost instantaneously.

This rapid change in an atmosphere of fear and constant uncertainty can be wearing on our nervous system. The negative impacts are further fuelled by the 24-hour news cycle, which intensifies our sense of things being out of control. In some cases this prolonged state of worry can lead to negative responses within our brain and body.

This often builds up slowly, so we don’t always notice the cumulative negative impact it is having on us both physically and mentally. It can lead to broken sleep, feelings of being out of control and overwhelmed, as well as feeling distracted or irritable.

There is a silver lining: rapid change can create opportunity and draw out the best in human potential. Now more than ever it’s important that we do what we can to build our own resilience so we can stay grounded and calm as the world changes around us, and even be inspired to find positive ways to do things differently in amongst it all.

Leading research into plant-based molecules offers a new way to actively support the brain during these worrying times. 

There are specific steps we can take to build our mental and emotional resilience.

Marbles is a new supportive supplement built on leading research and in-house lab work to access the protective and restorative properties of plants.

Plants make up a large portion of a healthy diet and there’s a long history of evidence that shows that they provide essential nutrients to keep us healthy. New research has found that plants are also packed with powerful compounds called neuro-phytoactives that actively benefit the brain. 

The neuro-phytoactives in Marbles have been shown to be especially helpful when we are feeling overwhelmed and can help regulate our mental and emotional states. They can assist in regulating the body’s inflammatory responses. Relief from inflammation can help reduce the build-up of toxins and free radicals that may be generated during prolonged periods of intense worry. They help to maintain energy levels and concentration with the additional benefit of supporting healthy sleep patterns. These combine to enable a healthy mood and emotional balance, which can all boost our sense of wellbeing.

Most importantly, Marbles supports your brain so you can focus on finding the positive and potential during these challenging times that we live in.

Enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to your brain.

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