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You can support your brain to stay mentally sharp as you age and maintain your cognitive resilience.

Marbles is a plant-based supportive supplement to maintain your  vitality and actively support your brain health and cognition as you age.

Cognitive ageing

We all forget and misplace things every so often, but there’s a point when these slips signal that our brain needs some help. Sometimes it’s the people closest to us who notice these subtle clues first, sometimes we notice them ourselves and cover it up or laugh it off.

Thanks to science, the average human lifespan has doubled since 1900 and we are staying stronger and more active later in our lives. The brain, as with all our organs, is affected by the natural process of ageing. Over the life span there are inevitable changes in both its physical structures and the speed in which it can carry out its vital functions, such as decision-making, problem solving and recall.

Cognitive ageing is a lifelong and gradual process, and the path of decline is highly variable and unique to each of us. It is well established that we can influence our own cognitive resilience. The degree to which our cognitive functions change through life are in part attributable to an individual’s experiences, education, exposure to life stressors and environmental toxins, health status, emotional challenges and lifestyle choices.

Healthy cognitive ageing is the preservation of our cognitive abilities. We all aspire to having a high quality of life as we age. Maintaining optimal brain function and keeping our brain healthy is a major contributor to our independence and wellbeing as we get older. It allows us to keep learning new things, make positive choices and stay in control of our thinking and our preferences. There is a huge amount of research into cognitive ageing, its causes, and most importantly effective measures we can take at any age to support our brain’s resilience and reduce the rate in which these cognitive changes may take place.

Leading research into plant-based molecules offers a new way to actively protect cognitive vitality.

Opportunities exist that allow us to stay mentally sharp. Marbles is a new supportive supplement built on leading research and in-house lab work to access the protective and restorative properties of plants.

Plants make up a large portion of a healthy diet and there’s a long history of evidence that shows that they provide essential nutrients to keep us healthy. New research has found that plants are also packed with powerful compounds called neuro-phytoactives that actively benefit the brain. 

The neuro-phytoactives in Marbles have been shown to be especially helpful in maintaining cognitive abilities (i.e. the mental processes involved in thinking, understanding, learning and remembering). They support healthy cognitive ageing by providing relief from inflammation and regulating inflammatory responses. This protects the performance of our mental processes so we can continue to enjoy the mental clarity, focus and concentration that we’re used to.

They also support energy levels and healthy blood flow to the brain, which maximises delivery of oxygen and nutrients, helps remove toxins and boost the brain’s resilience.

Most importantly, Marbles helps your brain keep up with you by allowing you to stay sharper and remain in control, in turn supporting you to enjoy a high quality, independent life as you age.

Stay engaged and enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to your brain.

Your brain is with you every step of the way.
It’s yours for life. And there are times when it needs a little extra nourishment to keep up with you.


Phytoactives are chemical compounds found only in plants that have protective and restorative qualities. They have long been used to support human health and wellbeing, and a new wave of research shows they can specifically support brain function and cognition. This has the potential to transform the way we address modern health ailments.

Key Ingredients

Marbles contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids and extracts from Matricaria chamomilla flower and Theobroma cacao bean.

A powerful formulation of plant-based molecules to actively benefit your brain as you age.

Marbles enhances your wellbeing and gives you extra support as you care for the health and vitality of your brain.

Marbles assists your:


Healthy sleep


Focus &

Relief from

Cognition &
mental function

I want to maintain this vitality and keep my brain healthy, stay in control of my thinking and live a healthy and independent life for as long as I can.

Confidence in your future


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   Scientifically developed formula


   Research-backed ingredients


   Advanced molecular extraction


   Safe, tested and effective

Nourish your brain

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Marbles is inspired by nature’s own defence and its connection to the way our brain functions and heals.

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