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Emotionally balanced

You can support yourself and your brain as you get through life’s most difficult times.

Marbles is a plant-based supportive supplement to balance your mood and maintain your emotional wellbeing through dramatic and unpredictable life events and changes.

Emotional imbalance

Life is full of unpredictable stressful experiences – the unimaginable can happen. There are events, moments and losses that stretch the limits of our ability to cope and continue on. As well as extreme physical outcomes, these events can throw our brain off balance and take us away from feeling like our normal selves.

These experiences often change our lives, sometimes permanently. The mental process that accompanies these shifts and the way we respond and adjust to external circumstances is highly individualised. It can be helpful to tune into the separation between the physical and mental processes and address them separately.

The responses in our mind, body and emotions will generally pass with time, though there is much we can do to support our brain function, build emotional resilience and improve our overall sense of wellbeing along the way.

Leading research into plant-based molecules offers a new way to actively support emotional balance and wellbeing.

There are active steps we can take to nurture and care for our brain during difficult times when so much feels beyond our control.

Marbles is a new supportive supplement built on leading research and in-house lab work to access the protective and restorative properties of plants.

Plants make up a large portion of a healthy diet and there’s a long history of evidence that shows that they provide essential nutrients to keep us healthy. New research has found that plants are also packed with powerful compounds called neuro-phytoactives that actively benefit the brain. 5, 10

The neuro-phytoactives in Marbles have been shown to be especially useful to help us cope with strong emotions as we transition through change. They can assist in regulating our body’s inflammatory responses.1, 11 Importantly, relief from inflammation can help reduce the build-up of toxins and free radicals 1, 22 that may be generated after experiencing a traumatic event and during the prolonged period of pressure that often follows. They also work to maintain energy levels and concentration.9, 10 This can help get us through those difficult times and support our emotional recovery. An additional benefit is that they support healthy sleep patterns 6, 7, offering vital refreshment to both physical and mental health.

Most importantly, Marbles helps support healthy emotional balance and mood 14 as well as general mental wellbeing 4, so you can start to feel like yourself again.

Find balance and enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to the brain.

Your brain is with you every step of the way.
It’s yours for life. And there are times when it needs a little extra nourishment to keep up with you.


Phytoactives are chemical compounds found only in plants that have protective and restorative qualities. They have long been used to support human health and wellbeing, and a new wave of research shows they can specifically support brain function and cognition. This has the potential to transform the way we address modern health ailments.

Key Ingredients

Marbles contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids and extracts from Matricaria chamomilla flower and Theobroma cacao bean.

A powerful formulation of plant-based molecules to actively benefit your brain as you age.

Marbles contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids and extracts from Theobroma cacao bean and Matricaria chamomilla flower.

Marbles contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids and extracts from Theobroma cacao bean and Matricaria chamomilla flower.

Marbles contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids and extracts from Theobroma cacao bean and Matricaria chamomilla flower.

Marbles enhances your wellbeing and gives you extra support as you care for the health and vitality of your brain.

Marbles assists your:

Marbles enhances your wellbeing and gives you extra support as you care for the health and vitality of your brain.

Marbles assists your:


Healthy sleep


Focus &

Relief from

Cognition &
mental function

“I want my body and brain to feel vibrant and my mood to be positive so I feel confident when I head out the door, and be inspired knowing I have a way to get through this”

Confidence in your future


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Scientifically developed formula


Advanced molecular extraction


Research backed ingredients


Safe, tested and effective

Nutrition blog series

Nourish your brain

We can change our health by changing our diet. So, could what we eat also influence our brain, our mood and mental health?
Marbles is proud to present an in-depth blog series “Nourish your brain” to answer that question.
This 9-part email series is a journey into the connection between nutrition and our brain. It explores why nutrition matters to mental health, plus offers advice and provides simple ways we can make changes to your diet so we can improve our mood, emotional balance and wellbeing.

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Nutrition blog series

Part 1
Three steps to food that boost brain health and mood

Part 2
Trust your gut to deliver mental wellbeing and vitality

Part 3
Ever heard of phytoactives? Nature’s way of super charging our brain

Part 4
Add mental sparkle with a sprinkle of herbs and spices

Part 5
Helping your body heal itself by reducing chronic inflammation

Part 6
Stressed and overworked brains love these vitamins and minerals

Part 7
Stay sharp – food to protect the ageing brain

Part 8
Choose what you eat and when you eat it to manage anxiety

Part 9
Supplements to support a fit and healthy brain

Marbles is inspired by nature’s own defence and its connection to the way our brain functions and heals.

Sources of  evidence – emotional balance

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