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Slide GET YOUR MARBLES Marbles has been created to help you support your brain’s health and resilience. Science, nature &

Marbles brings together science, nature and technology. It’s been developed from leading new research into the protective properties of plant-based molecules, known as phytoactives.

Marbles is built on innovative in-house lab work that identifies and targets neuro-phytoactives, which are the specific molecules that actively benefit the brain. Neuro-phytoactives help regulate and maintain brain function (such as memory and concentration) and support mental wellbeing.

A delicate reliance

Humans have evolved to become reliant on plants to gain access to key protective molecules that the brain can’t make itself. Research into our food sources shows our modern diets have become deficient in these neuro-phytoactives and this delicate reliance is out of balance.

The reasons for this deficiency

There are three key reasons that our brains are no longer getting enough neuro-phytoactives from our food.

…our modern diets have become deficient in neuro-phytoactives…

  1. Pesticides and fungicides used on a large-scale to protect crops means that plants no longer need to develop their own internal defence systems (which is how phytoactives are naturally produced).
  2. Many phytoactives have a strong flavour that is unpopular among consumers, so these bitter tasting molecules have been purposely bred out of our fruit and vegetables.
  3. Modern food choices make highly processed, nutrient-deficient “fast” foods the norm.

Less neuro-phytoactives can affect our wellbeing

These dietary deficiencies correlate with higher incidences of brain health challenges, including low mood, compromised mental wellbeing, disturbed sleep patterns and increased levels of inflammation and inflammatory response.

Marbles supports brain health and resilience

Marbles has been created to maintain brain health and resilience. It works by correcting the dietary deficiency through its unique scientific formulation.

This gives you the opportunity to nourish your brain the way nature intended and enhance your quality of life by supporting:

  • Your mental wellbeing, function, focus and clarity
  • Healthy emotional balance and positive mood
  • Your vitality and energy levels
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • Your cognitive ability
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced free radical cell damage.

The powerful combination of neuro-phytoactives specifically selected to create Marbles works in several ways. They access the brain to support its natural functions and various cognitive processes. This includes concentration, and the ability to remember and retain information. They support energy levels and healthy cerebral blood flow, which maximises delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and helps remove toxins. They also reduce inflammation and maintain inflammatory responses, offering benefits linked to supporting a healthy mood and long-term mental wellbeing.

While modern times introduce new challenges, it’s encouraging to know that leading scientific research gives us a chance to strengthen nature’s power and take safe and reliable steps to support and protect our brain’s health and resilience.

…nourish your brain the way nature intended…

Marbles is a supportive supplement that helps your brain keep up with you, every step of the way.

Learn more about phytoactives

Enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to your brain.

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