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Clear and calm

You can support and nourish your brain while working through times of high pressure.

Marbles is a plant-based supportive supplement to stabilise your mood and protect your brain from the negative impacts caused by the endless pressure of modern living.

Modern living and burnout

Fast pace and high pressure have become a normal part of modern life as we juggle busy careers, tight deadlines, money woes, health concerns, family responsibilities, relationship issues and sensory overload.

Temporary pressure can be a positive influence that can motivate us to power through our to-do lists and rise to new challenges.

The problem is that these days many of us are just doing way too much, all the time with a feeling that we can’t afford to slow down. This heightened state of non-stop pressure has become so normalised that we often don’t see the cumulative negative impact it is having on us both physically and mentally. For many of us, this has lead to a state of mind that causes us to lose sleep, feel overwhelmed or out of control, distracted and irritable, and even risk suffering burnout or mental fatigue. It can be valuable to pause and reflect on the effect that pressure is having on our brain and body, and consider ways to turn the negative impacts of prolonged pressure around.

Leading research into plant-based molecules offers a new way to actively support the brain during times of high pressure.

There are steps we can take to support our brain as we turn these negative impacts around.

Marbles is a new supportive supplement built on leading research and in-house lab work to access the protective and restorative properties of plants.

Plants make up a large portion of a healthy diet and there’s a long history of evidence that shows that they provide essential nutrients to keep us healthy. New research has found that plants are also packed with powerful compounds called neuro-phytoactives that actively benefit the brain. 

The neuro-phytoactives in Marbles have been shown to be especially helpful during the times when life doesn’t slow down, and we are faced with ongoing periods of high pressure. They can assist in regulating our body’s inflammatory responses. Relief from inflammation in the brain can help reduce the build-up of toxins and free radicals that may be generated after experiencing prolonged periods of pressure. They help maintain levels of concentration, focus and clarity, so we can perform at our best and get through our heavy workload.

Marbles also offers indirect benefits by supporting healthy sleep patterns, maintaining mood and emotional balance, and boosting general mental wellbeing and brain health.

Most importantly, Marbles offers you a way to support your brain so that you can be at your best at work, and then switch off and enjoy your downtime when the work day is done.

Enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to your brain.

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