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Plants not only produce the oxygen we breathe, they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals essential for our growth and development. The latest wave of research into plants is discovering new ways our wellbeing is dependent on plants. And harnessing this knowledge has the potential to transform the way we address modern health ailments.

Scientific breakthroughs

This new line of research is into phytoactives. These are chemical compounds found only in plants that have inherent restorative and protective qualities that can benefit humans.

…discovering new ways our wellbeing is dependent on plants…

There are thousands of individual phytoactives that have been identified and many are highly valued for the active role they play in human health.

Part of a plant’s natural defence system

Phytoactives are the protective molecules that play a specialised role in a plant’s defence systems. They form part of a complex chemical system that plants can call upon in response to each specific threat. These have evolved with intelligent forms of defence to protect them from attack from sources as diverse as insects, pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

Well-known phytoactives

Some of the more well-known phytoactives include theobromine, derived from cacao plants, which is the active ingredient in chocolate that improves mood and feelings of wellbeing. Another is salicin, derived from the willow tree, which is the key component in the world’s most popular form of pain relief medication, Aspirin.

The next wave

The research that is driving this next wave of discoveries is focused on a powerful group of phytoactives, known as neuro-phytoactives, that actively benefit the brain. They have been shown to support brain function and cognition, and also regulate our body’s inflammatory responses. This research is revealing new and powerful ways to address the rise in modern ailments, such as low mood, mental wellbeing and emotional imbalance.

Research continues to become more sophisticated, investigating ways to harness the protective and rejuvenating qualities of plants to keep our brains healthy and resilient and enhance our general wellbeing.

…highly valued for the active role they play in human health…

This introduces an exciting opportunity for us to take control and support our brain function and vitality.

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