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“A friend recommended Marbles after I told him how my life was so hectic that I just couldn’t find time for everything, and I also had trouble with meditation.
Initially I took Marbles to help me focus during an intense bout of studying before my exams. But the results went way beyond my expectations.
I could focus. I could manage my time efficiently and I felt calm.
Marbles has made a hugely significant impact on my life. I’m stable and confident. I’ve stopped rushing frantically around, and funny as it sounds, it has given me so much more time. It’s kick started a revolution inside me, and given me more time for my family, and more time for me.”

Nick, VIC

“I opened a small business on my own and in a matter of 3 months I was completely exhausted! The work load, the responsibilities and the pressure of getting everything done right was getting my stress levels very high to a point where I lost my appetite and couldn’t sleep as my mind would never stop. I had no energy to do anything but work until I completely broke down and my partner made me stop for a while to focus on my
mental health and wellbeing.

During this time I did a bit of research and that’s when I came across Marbles. It was a life saver! It helped me get out of the blur and calm my anxiety. I reduced my working hours, started sleeping better and I got my mojo back to do my morning yoga, walk the dogs at the beach and enjoy a nice dinner with my partner again and this is priceless.

Thanks Marbles team, I wish I knew about you earlier.”

Adriana, TAS

“In my job, I’m always surrounded by people in close proximity and it can get a bit hectic at times. Not only do I have to manage my own emotional stability, but I have to feel the effects of the co-workers’ emotional space too.

I found Marbles helped me to cope and maintain a good mental space when things got turbulent. I was more balanced, centred and unaffected by the dramas around me at work. During the course of these supplements, my moods and general wellbeing improved, which was beneficial in all aspects of my life – in and out of work. I highly recommend them.”

Joel, WA

“My experience has been completely positive. After about 3 weeks, I began to feel a difference in my energy. I still had fatigue, but it was as if there was something brewing in my body. It just felt like my body was starting to learn to support itself.” 

James, QLD

Enjoy the benefits that Marbles brings to your brain.

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